Daegan is a producer from the Carolinas. Grew up in the suburbs, influenced by local rap battles, cyphers, showcases, and even performed at venues all across the east coast. Now he decided to set aside his career as a rapper and focus on the technical side as an engineer/producer.

What People Say

Very professional and awesome atmosphere! Daegan is hardworking and passionate about his work. I’ve known him for about 6+ years now and watching him start and get to where he is now has been absolutely incredible.

Elisa Crox

You want a cool place too to record? He’s got you! The aesthetic in the studio really gives off inspiring and laidback, but professional vibes. Daegan will have your back in ensuring your music turns out a masterpiece!

John Smith

Daegan is a competent engineer and knows exactly what he is doing! He provides a welcoming recording atmosphere and is in sync with you and your recording process. Go to Planet Jam to record your next professional-quality project!


Let’s build something together.